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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

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-I'm calling bullshit on "The Fall." (Ooh, ahh, "The Fall enslaves us!" ) Unless the atmosphere is too thin to support aircraft and the oceans are filled with sulfuric acid there's no way in hell "The Fall" is "the only way" to get from one part of this world to the other, especially when you consider digging a tunnel through the Earth big enough to sink a subway car the size of the Citibank building into it could not possibly be cheaper and easier than just designing and building more robust ships and planes. "But A2," you say - come on, I know you're saying it - "all science fiction has some BS in it." True, but you're not supposed erect a metaphorical neon sign pointing to it that says "This is Utter Bullshit! We only did it 'cause we thought it looked cool!"

And if you do, it should actually look cool, not just stupid.
Me a B- for the reason you list above. The whole concept of the "Fall," was terrible and even as a sci-fi fan who can easily suspend my disbelief in such things this was a terrible plot device.

I'd be curious to what British and Australian viewers thought of the film. The whole concept of "sticking to to the Brits" in the film the "British Federation," was absurd and a play on Australian nationality.
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