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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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You're missing the point, which is that if you want to send Simon & Schuster a message, this won't achieve that goal.

Or is your real goal to take out your frustration in a pointless display that will only hurt people that have nothing to do with whether Janeway is ever brought back to life?
Hurt people?
"Jim, why are these Star Trek books and Star Wars books swapped? Why did you move the Trek books to the YA section? I told you where to put them!"

You don't know what kinds of internal politics are at play in a store if merchandise gets mis-placed. Deliberately moving their merchandise away from where they are supposed to be? That's a violation of their property rights, and you could well land a clerk in trouble for no damn good reason.

They're not your goddamn books and you have no right to move them. If you want to make some meaningless protest over a development in a book series you dislike, write a letter to S&S HQ. Don't fuck with other people's stuff.
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