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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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And one of those 'e-cards':

This is funny, but it's also sad in a way. The ever growing expectation that there is someone "perfect" or "freaking amazing" out there for each of us - and perhaps by association, thereby excusing us of our own faults and predilections - might be why so many people remain single.

I don't mean to point that out to you directly, just thinking out loud.
Ah, but finding a person who is right for you is so much better than finding someone who is wrong and hoping they will change. And being comfortable in being single is much better than being with someone just because you don't like being single.
THat's about what I had in mind when I posted it. I'm perfectly happy being single, don't need a man to 'complete' me or 'look after' me thanks. So, yes, I'd want someone pretty freaking amazing to change my lifestyle.

I don't believe in the whole soppy fairy dust romance type thing, anyway. Seen far too many people's relationships fail for that. Though many relationships fail because they're inspired from a point where one person has convinced another that "I'm the best you'll get" and the partner is scared of being Left Alone, so settles for someone unsuitable. One of the most important things people need to learn is that it's ok to be single, you're not somehow less of a full human being, and it's a hell of a lot better than being with the wrong partner!

Perhaps some people are scared no-one will want them if they have to be worth having?
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