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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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^^^It's not even that so much as that the people you're upset with won't even be aware of your gesture. Do you really think any bookstore you screw around with is going to contact Simon & Schuster to say "Some punk shuffled some of our books around"? I find it highly unlikely, and it -certainly- won't convey your desire to have Janeway be brought back.

If your feelings are directed towards Simon & Schuster, then take action towards Simon & Schuster.

As I've never actually been to a Chick-Fil-A (we don't have those in VT) I can only assume that a more appropriate analog to your idea for a protest would be if I went in there and shuffled the contents of their salad bar around in a nonsensical manner, rather than doing anything to specifically indicate that I took issue with their massive donations towards groups that are fostering homophobia.
Indeed; in both instances, it would be a much better -- and much less mean-spirited towards innocent third parties -- idea to send letters of protest to corporate HQ and to refuse to give them your business.
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