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Re: Mars Curiosity Rover... to land 10:31 pm 8/5/2012

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I showed the original Seven Minutes of Terror video to my wife and friends telling them how proud I was of NASA personnel for being so bold in their latest effort to put a new crater on Mars.
I think that sentiment was a bit exaggerated. Sure, the more complicated you get the bigger the chance of failure because of a faulty component or a manufacturing mistake, but with the superb engineering and testing these things get through, the probability was very close to certain. That doesn't make it any less amazing, though. It's incredible that humanity is pulling such thing off. Astounding.

And, quite frankly, landing on Mars itself, regardless of the method, is a task that's incredibly more difficult than what the complexity that's apparent when watching this video. I still find it difficult to fully comprehend and appreciate how it happens at all.

By the way, for some reason, right after they said that the chute opened, I was sure that the spacecraft has landed safely and was already transmitting from the ground at that point.
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