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Re: The Newsroom.

Newest episode, 5/1...

Damn, that was a heck of an ending. The "late for dinner" storyline is intriguing. Is a start of a drift from "reality" or is it going to shoehorn in with the Brits phone hacking scandle.

Though her part was small, I once again enjoyed Olivia Munn's performance, and the entire b story on the airliner. I thought that fully baked will was funny if not predictable. Indifferent to the James and Maggie characters, I can't help but want more of the triangle story for the constant use of James Tiberious Harper line, but I do like the characters even if their story line is weak. Oh, and I'm liking Terry Crews as the bodyguard. Loved all the little Sorkin one liners and quips.

Overall, another hell ya, and can't wait till next week.
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