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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

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The oddity is that it wasn't halfway through Faceless One - they were both under contract and paid through to Evil of the Daleks (episode 2, I think, but I've not found the reference to check).
It was episode 2 of Evil - IIRC this was because they were renewed for a certain number of 4-episode stories. With The Faceless Ones being 6 episodes, this meant Wills and Craze's contract only lasted through to the first two episodes of Evil.
Indeed; it's been an often quoted fact that David Whittaker originally had Ben and Polly in the first two episodes of Evil, but had to remove them when they were written out in The Faceless Ones. Pity, it's the last time until the late Tom Baker era that the Doctor had three companions. It did allow adventures to be spread over 3 or even 4 storylines when everyone splits up.
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