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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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For instance - I heartily disagree that Bruce Wayne has extreme personality disorders..
Sorry, we're talking about a guy who has never, ever, had a girlfriend. Who's only friend is an eldery man he hires to take care of him, who acts as a surrogate mother? This is true in any incarntation, including the 70s and 80s detective, and including the Nolan films. In any era, Bruce Wayne is a guy who makes Michael Jackson seem normal.
I'm afraid you're not very up on your Batman history, my friend. Bruce Wayne of the 70s and 80s had plenty of girlfriends and got laid quite a bit - just for a sampler, in the 1970s there was Silver St. Cloud, the original storyline can be found in the TPB Strange Apparitions, where Silver is hiss girlfriend for quite some time, there is also a sequel to that story called Dark Detective from the 2000s in which he and Silver are shown making love in the batcave, and a more recent story with Silver where they have sex on the beach (Batman: The Widening Gyre #3), throughout the 70s he and Talia had an ongoing relationship which culminated in the Son of the Demon, where he and Talia conceive a child. Their son, Damien, is currently Robin in the regular comics. Hard to have a kid if you don't have sex.

I could list a half dozen other instances of girlfriends in Batman stories - from the animated feature film Mask of the Phantasm (Andrea Beaumont) to Batman 89 in which he takes Vicki Vale to bed to Jezebel Jet in the recent Batman R.I.P. storyline - but I'm sure you get the picture.

How fucked up do you have to be walk into a courthouse with a loaded gun ready to shoot somebody? That alone is sick, I'm sorry, even if he didn't go through with it. Running off to some Thailand shithole and getting thrown in prison on purpose so you can beat people up every day?
If you want to discuss how Bruce Wayne's character is constructed in the Nolan trilogy - plenty of perfectly normal people have been driven to seek revenge. Keep in mind it's not as if he actually blew anyone's head off. As for ending up in prison - it is made clear that he was doing research into the criminal mind. With that goal, doing what he did is completely rational, even if it's not something that most people would do. He's a heroic character - they're supposed to do more than your average guy.

By your criteria, every navy SEAL is crazy, since they all go in for some fairly brutal training (including beating up others and getting beat up themselves) to become warriors.
Nicely on point.
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