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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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that relocating the colonists to such territory is easy, then I can totally see why the Federation might choose to sign a treaty like this.
Actually there was no mention of how easy or hard it would have been on screen.

In fact when the novels mentoned it the writers went with the belief that it was difficult as other worlds in the federation now had to deal with a large refugee influx.

The choices are these:

1) Do nothing, which will ensure war with Cardassia, in which millions will be killed.

2) Relocate a few hundred colonists.
So basically do what the Cardassians want or they kill you.

Well that's a very diplomatic race right there

The Federation is indeed attempting to provide a better life to its citizens, core worlds and colonies alike. By signing the treaty, war is averted. I'd call that a better life.
So that particular treaty which the Cardassians didn't even bother honoring was the only way to prevent war?

Actually, the colonists themselves brought up the idea of living under Cardassian control.
Which would mean that the Federation is sticking their nose in a Cardassian internal matter.
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