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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

91. The Quiet American (B+)

The second film adaptation of what I consider Graham Greene's best novel (the first on in 1958, from what I've read, made Pyle into the hero, which is tremendously amusing). It features a superb Michael Caine performance in the lead (though I think Caine is a bit old for the part, even if aging is a lot more gracious now than it was when the novel was written), and some other good work, including from Brendan Fraser, who so rarely appears in worthwhile films that it's easy to forget he has some talent. It never really goes from being a good adaptation to being a great movie, though; some key moments and sequences are a little obvious or off. Though many of the reviews I've read suggest that this is downplaying the politics in the original novel, which I don't see at all; they've even added an explicitly political epilogue, and made Pyle a more sinister figure than he was in the original.

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