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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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For instance - I heartily disagree that Bruce Wayne has extreme personality disorders..
Sorry, we're talking about a guy who has never, ever, had a girlfriend. Who's only friend is an eldery man he hires to take care of him, who acts as a surrogate mother? This is true in any incarntation, including the 70s and 80s detective, and including the Nolan films. In any era, Bruce Wayne is a guy who makes Michael Jackson seem normal.

Certain comics eras are built around a fantasy world where putting on a mask and costume and running around beating people up is a normal choice, supported by both the media and law enforcement agencies. In that fantasy world, Bruce Wayne's hobby is just a little less of a personality disorder because for some reason it is socially acceptable. So fine, in the 70s we can call him the equivalent of rock star. He is still more screwed up than Michael Jackson in his private life.

How fucked up do you have to be walk into a courthouse with a loaded gun ready to shoot somebody? That alone is sick, I'm sorry, even if he didn't go through with it. Running off to some Thailand shithole and getting thrown in prison on purpose so you can beat people up every day?

BB was semi-realistic in how obviously twisted Bruce Wayne was, although it never delved into it very deeply, and really, the movie portrays this nutcase as hero that we should look up to, which kind of spoils that. TDK just sat on it and portrayed Wayne in a kind of sustainable lifestyle, a co-dependant relationship with his alter-ego, he seemed almost stable. TDKR shows how he falls apart again without his co-dependant relationship with himself, but it falls flat for me because no one notices, even Alfred who doesn't approve doesn't see how the guy needs psychiatric help. The movie doesn't take him through a journey that should let him out of his own mental prison, it throws him down a hole and expects us to believe that climbing out made him all sane and normal. Then it ends with him finally having a girlfriend to sit in a cafe with.

The movies were very nicely choreographed and paced action thrillers, but the character study didn't do anything for me.
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