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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

It was okay. Not what I'd call a masterpiece, but decent entertainment. I've never read the original novel or short story or whatever or even seen the Arnold movie. I actually found myself more interested in the world created than in the psychological shit.

I'm sure I'm probably missing something, but what is the deal with UFB and "the Colony"? We know Earth's atmosphere is unbreathable, given the no-zones, and that these two areas are the only hospitable areas left on Earth. IFB has clear skies, despite the no-zone being constantly cloudy. Is this in a dome of some sort? Or is it underground, which is actually the impression I got about the Colony?

I take it UFB is not the entire UK, since the no-zone is clearly supposed to be in London (the subway station has London Underground signs). I'm guessing the Colony is not all Australia either, since how else could the citizens be able to flee to no-zones?

So at the end the Colony is celebrating about how they're liberated from the UFB. However, were they not as dependant on the UFB as the UFB was on the Colony? EG, the UFB seemed to cover law enforcement and I'm guessing they must have had some sort of resource control to hold over them, otherwise how else did they convince so many to leave the Colony to work in the UFB?

And why was the UFB so damn insistent on conquering the Colony anyway, other than because they're the villains?

I found it odd that a movie set partly in Britain casts so many British actors only to have them speak with American accents. I get they're trying to represent many cultures living in this area. But it just seemed odd to me At least with Kate Beckinsale they got clever and had her switch accents.

Did anyone else find Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel look similar? I never thought so before, but I was actually confusing the two of them throughout this movie.

I liked the Fall. I don't care if it's bad science, it is a cool idea.

Finally, what the hell is with all the lens flares? I felt like I was watching Trek XI.
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