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Re: My Name is James T. Kirk, and I Hate the Color Red

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...So I ruthlessly dispose of everybody wearing red shirts.

Okay, so maybe it's not that extreme, but I don't think I'm the first to wonder why Kirk has never been court-martialed for his (let's face it) negligent waste of Enterprise Security Officers. This is especially astonishing considering that Kirk goes to all lengths to protect the lives of his bridge officers and normally seems like a humane person. You would think that either

a. Kirk would realize sending only one or two red shirts down gets both of them killed, and would eventually figure out that there is safety in numbers and beam large groups down
Considering the kinds of nasties that tended to do in the redshirts, a lot of them at once wouldn't necessarily have helped. They would just have been killed faster.

b. Beam down some sort of Expeditionary robot or android (maybe not on the level of Mr. Data, but surely robotics technology had some level of progress in Kirk's day.)
But Kirk never trusted robots or androids. They keep trying to take over the ship, or kill him!

Was the red shirt mortality rate high on all Federation vessels on the day, or was Kirk just incompetent?
Yes. And a lot of bad luck was involved, too.
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