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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

The CG model of the Enterprise and the rendering are as good as any I've seen in a Trek fan film (or, for that matter, when the ship was created this way for those Star Trek: Enterprise episodes or the Remastered series.). Of course, every single version of the ship created by a different artist has its own little variations from the model as it appeared in TOS. But this is an excellent recreation and the lighting is very evocative of the original. Congrats to Gabe Koerner.

For a first effort - and a short vignette- this compares pretty well to any other Trek fan film out there so far. The performances are generally on a good level for fan films, and the lighting, camera work and general tech credits are fine. The costuming is about perfect, which is what one expects from John Broughton and his folks. And speaking of the Farragut Films crew and their dedicated labor, what we see of the sets here is stunning (full disclosure of bias: I did a little of the work on the bridge...a very little).

Good effort. I wish these guys well.

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