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UT:TFV - Scorched Earths - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Amon Homeship Transcendent
78.2 Parsecs from the Tarantula Nebula

Sandhurst stood in front of the massive viewport, gazing at the sheer magnificence of the spectacle on display before him.

The bright disc of the Milky Way stretched out ahead, viewed from an angle perhaps thirty degrees above the spiral galaxy’s elliptic. The bright center of the assembly, comprised of billions of stars drawn towards the massive quantum singularity at its core, shown like a giant hazy sphere with a luminosity that was breathtaking.

He felt Nestrala’s hand in the center of his back, and her breath on his neck as she leaned in to whisper, “You are now farther from home than any other human has ever been.”

“No, actually,” he remarked lazily, nearly stupefied by the sight of his home galaxy. “Two of our ships have traveled farther, I think.”

She chuckled lightly. “Your species never ceases to amaze me, Zeischt.”

He forced his eyes away from the resplendent view to look upon her. “I thought we were leaving days ago,” Sandhurst pointed out, “and that you wanted to keep our location a secret from me.”

Nestrala smiled enigmatically. “Our schedule was adjusted to accommodate for recent events.” She swept an arm towards the viewport. “And the display from here was too pleasing not to share.”

She moved beside him and took his hand in hers.

“Where are we?” he wondered aloud. “I mean, we’re outside our… my galaxy, obviously, but where?”

“You call it the Large Magellanic Cloud, a smaller galactic mass orbiting your home galaxy. We are approximately one-hundred and fifty thousand light years from your Federation.”

He whistled appreciatively. “And dare I ask how we came to be here?” he queried, not really expecting a candid reply.

Nestrala offered a patient smile. “The means by which this was made possible shall remain confidential until you have entered the fold permanently.”

Sandhurst shook his head in wonder, still mesmerized by the view. “The entire galaxy is your playground, isn’t it?”

“Our hunting ground,” she corrected.

There was a comfortable silence between them while he considered the implications of that.

When he was finally moved to speak, he asked, “You said when you entered our galaxy, your people were nearly starving, on their last legs. With this kind of power at your disposal, how could that be?”

“Our capabilities have increased dramatically since our arrival,” Nestrala explained. In response to his quizzical expression, she added, “Ours is not the only Amon tribe. Our far flung brothers and sisters came looking for us, and all have benefitted as a result.”

He smirked. “You spoke in riddles in my dreams, too.”

She brought a hand up to the back of his neck, pulling his head down gently to meet her passionate kiss. “Then let us communicate more directly…”

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