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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

Going to a pair of book stores isn't so Cardie-worthy, really. Maybe I'm just peppered by too much exposure to diehard Mass Effect fans whose hatred of that series' endings have forced them to:

1. Literally defecate on their Collectors' Edition Mass Effect 3 cases, because anyone in their right minds ever wanted to see the photographic evidence they posted smugly thereafter;

2. Send death threats to series creator Casey Hudson using phrases like "gamer entitlement demands that we do this to prove our points", and then tell people who claim they went well beyond the bounds that we're the crazy ones, and the slaves to Electronic Arts;

3. Hijack web pages for the series' lead writer, Mac Walters, with vitriol unparalleled in the sphere of fandom-at-large, including such classy messages as, "I didn't bother researching if you have any children, but if you do, I hope they never talk to you ever again as punishment for your disgusting behavior.

And more.

Really, teacake is being quite civil about this, and hilarious as well -- she'd get a huge laugh from me if she posted evidence of her section-swapping silliness. This is how you send a message, with Star Wars Expanded Universe novels and forum funniness.
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