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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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What is it about them you like? I'm just curious!
Sorry I'm a bit late replying, Kestra. Had forgotten about the thread and just checked back.

Well, there's quite a few things I like about them. First and foremost is the simplicity and practicality. But also, they're very well made without being ostentatious. Modern LCD watches have come along way in terms of functionality (some are really like mini computers on the wrist), but to increase profits companies have cut back on quality in a number of areas. You pay a premium to have an all stainless steel casing (most feature hardened resin cases these days). This particular one I got has a nice minimalist look about it, is very easy to read, and the beep tone is reasonably loud (a lot of modern Casio G-Shocks have faint beep tones in comparison, where you can't hear them unless you're in a quiet room). Plus, it's quite uncommon these days to find one like this in excellent condition. I'm not an all digital guy, as I do have some analog watches too. And while I do own a couple of Omega watches, I still enjoy LCD a lot.

Do you have any watch preferences, or wear any at all? I know a lot of people who've stopped wearing them because cellphones always have the current time.
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