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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

teacake wrote: View Post
IF this turns out to be Pocket Books laughing at the BBKJ fans with this cover
Yes. That's exactly what Pocket Books wants to do: laugh at Janeway fans. Because, it's not like they have anything better to do or anything.

then I will be visiting every book store left in my half of the city (I think there are two) and moving all the Treklit into the Young Adult section and sticking New Jedi Order paperbacks in the gap where the Treklit was.


Brit wrote: View Post
It is the over use of Death as a plot device that cheapens death, not the reseracterion on a loved character.
Over-use of death as a plot device can cheapen it, too -- I completely agree. If characters die all the time and stay dead, the audience is often left unable or unwilling to actually care about the characters and therefore about their deaths.

But resurrection cheapens death and cheapens drama, too. Star Trek over-uses resurrection by a lot, and only rarely has permanently killed a major character. That's why I'd much rather Janeway stay dead than be resurrected. Just like I'd rather Data stay dead. And just like, for that matter, I'd rather that

The single character in a book or movie is not the same thing as a central character in a television series that is built on the premice that these characters risk death but excape it.
Is the premise of Star Trek that characters risk death but escape it? I don't know that I agree that that is, or ought to be, the premise.

And if you read "Full Circle" you will find out that Janeway made no mistake going to the Borg Cube, but was forced to do so by an Admiral that probably was hoping she would die in the process. The Q didn't save Janeway from a simple death but rather from a murderer named Willem Batiste.
It's been a long time since I've read Full Circle, so I can't say I remember that part, but thanks for catching it. In which case, hey -- all the better. Janeway didn't die as a result of a mistake; her death is made all the more purely heroic then.
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