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Re: Cast The Inevitable Batman Reboot

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EDIT: What about David Boreanaz for Bruce Wayne/Batman?
He would have been my second choice after Bale, last time out. But I think that as he's now aged 43, he's probably older than what they have in mind.

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I seriously think Ryan Gosling is going to be a big name being thrown around for the part. He's got the pedigree and he's at the perfect stage in his career to do a movie like Batman. I'm not sure if he would be interested, but he has the acting chops (and then some) for the role.
Ooh, yeah, good call. He'd be a bit leftfield for the character but I can definitely imagine it being offered to him and him making a success of it. But as you say, he may not be interested.

If they are going for an older Batman, which is doubtful, Jon Hamm would make a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. I know he was rumored for Man of Steel last year, but alternatively I think he would make for a great Bruce Wayne that is older and more mature. Similarly, Guy Pearce was someone who always intrigued me for the character. Back during the casting days for Batman Begins, Pearce was briefly rumored (probably because he appeared in Nolan's Memento) and I was excited at that notion. I still think Pearce would be interesting. I can also see bigger name actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Michael Fassbender being bandied about.
I also think Hamm would have been an interesting Superman or Batman but I agree with you, he's likely to be too old. Ditto Pearce (who I understand has turned down the roles of Wolverine and Daredevil, as he's not interested in superhero movies).

DiCaprio has been linked to the role before (and to that of Robin in Batman Forever) but, Inception aside, he doesn't seem to be too keen on blockbusters. Fassbender is too associated with X-Men now, IMHO (especially with First Class getting a sequel), while I think Damon is also probably too old.

As for James Gordon, there is really only one guy who should replace Gary Oldman: Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. He was superb when he voiced Gordon in the animated Batman: Year One movie, and while that may put him out of contention for the role, he would be wonderful, especially if the reboot is going to focus on a Batman in his second or third year. If not Cranston, I can see Chris Cooper, who was the runner-up for Gordon in Batman Begins. He would be great if he could be persuaded. Jeff Bridges would be interesting. Perhaps a little too much of a big name for the part, but I can see him settling into the role well. Josh Brolin would also be interesting. Sean Penn would be brilliant but it will probably never happen.
With you on Cranston, but I don't see why it would rule him out of the live-action version - the audience who saw Year One would be minimal compared to that for, e.g TDKR. Wade Williams had a (very small) role in TDKR and has done several DCAU movies.

Cooper made it clear that he was disappointed in the script for Batman Begins, so I suppose it's possible that he'd return for a better script, but I think he's probably just not interested. I think Bridges is too old and Penn just wouldn't do it. Brolin could work though.

As for Alfred, I kind of hope they go for someone younger this time around. In the comics, Alfred has been an elderly butler, but he's also been in his late 50's/early 60's and I think it would be refreshing for a slightly younger take on the character. Alan Rickman is my first choice. Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Rush, Albert Finney (albiet a little older) etc. would all make an excellent Alfred in my mind.
Oh, I do like the Bill Nighy suggestion!

As for the villains and other supporting characters: Melissa Leo as Leslie Thompkins, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin (this needs to happen), Rachel Weisz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman or Talia, Daniel Day-Lewis, Viggo Mortensen or Jason Issacs as Ra's al Ghul, Liev Schrieber as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Rebecca Hall as Julie Madison, Ray Winstone as Det. Harvey Bullock, Kevin Spacey or Robin Williams as Hugo Strange, and the list continues.
I'm guessing that Catwoman, Talia, Two-Face and Ra's will all be left out of the reboot for some time, meaning that the likes of Rachel Weisz will be too old by the time the writers and makers do return to those characters. Most of the names you've suggested were on wishlists for the last trilogy, as I'm sure you know - Mortensen and Day-Lewis were both offered the role of Ra's before Neeson, so it's unlikely that they'd take it this time round. Isaacs made a good job of the voiceover part in Under The Red Hood.

I must admit, that while I like Philip Seymour Hoffman, I just don't really see him as Penguin.
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