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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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Personally, (white male, so little value in my opinion here, i guess), I'd say that blacks should STOP using the n-word. I kinda get why it started, trying to de-power the word by making it their own and changing the meaning somewhat. But at this point, their own use is helping to keep it alive. If they weren't using it so heavily themselves, it would be less common, and easier to stamp out the racist assholes that used it. Make it a big deal, and you won't see it out much. By using it so much themselves, it really harms their cause.
write an essay on how the persistent and massive use of the N-word amongst a primarily lower-class section of the black community has devolved from being an act of defiant empowerment to a self-debasing unconscious yelp against the injustices of continued if subtler discrimination as well as a lament of the tragic breakdown of the working-class black family unit
... for her.
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