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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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What I do find sad, and this is about all superheroes, is that ever since the deconstruction of the superheroes got going in the '80s is the idea someone has to be psychologically flawed to even contemplate going beyond the norm to do something right.
No, people don't have to be psychologically flawed to do something right. But people definitely have to be psychologically flawed to dress in a funny costume and/or put on a mask and go and beat up the bad guys.
Nothing flawed about that actually. The suit is not a funny costume, it's a combat suit. It's absolutely necessary. The mask hides the identity. It could be a ski mask or a motorcycle helmet.

The shape of the mask, well, that's just a decision to somehow make this masked vigilante more than it is.

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The issue for me is that Bruce Wayne is a driven personality, he requires strength, conviction, AND obsession. He doesn't just stop being what he is (Batman, among other things.) The depiction in the Nolan films shows someone who used the Batman persona temporarily to make a point and then fucked off. Kind of like an internet message board identity. It's not who he is. For Bruce Wayne to be Bruce Wayne/Batman, he should be thoroughly committed.
Rachel's death and Harvey's fall are his fault. The situation escalated because he as Batman attracted freaks. Police blamed him for the Joker killing people. So eventually he as Batman took the blame for Dent's crimes and vanished so that the streets could be cleaned up properly.

This is shown in TDKR again. Bane and his thugs flee on motorbikes, and as soon as Batman shows up, the entire police force concentrates on him and him alone. His presence escalates the situation and makes it possible for criminals to escape.
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