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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
There's Kathryn in that nebula.
Gosh... it looks like I'm gonna need another Trek T-shirt... we should form a company!

DonIago wrote:

Of course not. Vampires in Twilight are played by the Crest Man and his family. That's why they sparkle.

Honestly, that I even have to explain this...
Oh gawd.

I think I need to switch toothpaste brands now.

DonIago wrote: View Post
teacake wrote: View Post
I am not buying even one e-book of this novel until I find out if Janeway returns in it. I am not buying even one e-book of ANY Treklit until they bring Janeway back for GOOD. IF this turns out to be Pocket Books laughing at the BBKJ fans with this cover then I will be visiting every book store left in my half of the city (I think there are two) and moving all the Treklit into the Young Adult section and sticking New Jedi Order paperbacks in the gap where the Treklit was.
You realize, of course, that you may have just made some Twilight fans look sane by comparison...

Just sayin'...
You know what I find strange... that you are fixating upon the treklit/New Jedi passage of Teacake's post, and not the part where she's gestating Beyer's baby.

Just saying...

(Teacake, I think Beyer is going to be very HAPPY you are on the other side of the world if she DOES brink Janeway back. I wonder if restaining orders can be hemispheric in size? You know... must stay 12 timezones away. )

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