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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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What I do find sad, and this is about all superheroes, is that ever since the deconstruction of the superheroes got going in the '80s is the idea someone has to be psychologically flawed to even contemplate going beyond the norm to do something right.
No, people don't have to be psychologically flawed to do something right. But people definitely have to be psychologically flawed to dress in a funny costume and/or put on a mask and go and beat up the bad guys.
Well, of course, this is where the suspension of disbelief comes into play. But the Batman of the early '40s and 1970s was not portrayed as psychologically flawed and only tenuously stable. That Batman wore his suit with the same confidence as Superman wears his. And that's the Batman I really want to see.

It's a matter of perception. In the real world why can some actors pull it off and not others. George Reeves and Christopher Reeve wore the costume with confidence. Dean Cain not so much. If there really existed someone who could do what Superman does then I don't think too many people would be harping about his outfit. Olympic athletes sometimes wear attire that would look odd outside of a stadium, but when you see them in action it looks completely different. In particular speed skaters come to mind. Now if a guy could derail a train with one punch I don't think folks will be too bothered by him wearing red and blue and sporting a cape. And if a guy is so seriously badass the punks and crooks are afraid to walk the streets at night then they've likely gotten over thinking about the guy's outfit---they just don't wanna see that symbolic shadow on the walls as they skulk their way home.

We might laugh at theatricality yet we can also be moved or impressed by it.

Then again this doesn't work no matter how you think about it.

Regarding the film I'm reminded of the many Elseworlds versions of Batman I've read over the years. The Nolan trilogy does work if you can see it as yet another Elseworlds story.
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