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Re: Deborah Ann Woll: Babe of the week #32 (Aug. 2012)

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Cute, sure.

As an aside, and building off of the previous couple of these threads: we argue about all the sexist and crude comments in these threads, but we've already had two female posters whose response has essentially been "I'd fuck her". We're either ok with that kind of comment or we're not, right? Guy says the same thing, we go through the same shitstorm again.

Just saying...
A lady is standing lone by a turnstile staring into the sunset.

Along comes a man who wouldn't turn down any woman who ever came to his bed, telling her “I would sleep with you”. Truly a testament to her qualities and beauty his words are, for that makes her fearfully retreat down the alley with an accelerated pace.

There she comes across another woman. After a lengthy stroll together she, who has never felt even the slightest romantic interest in another woman, simply doesn't resists it and says “Men who know you are lucky, if I'd ever were to abandon men it would be for someone like you”. And that is truly the same thing, because all it did was bring an uneasy but delightful smile on the lady's face.
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