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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)


Certainly better then Seize The Fire.... but that doesn't mean much, does it? Martin just can't write characters, they are completelly one-sided, more of a stereotype then a person. Nothing fundemental in terms of character development, which I find sad. Someone mentioned comicbook characters, and I agree.

As for the plot.... From the blurb, I thought that whatever happened here would certainly leave an impact on the Trek universe. Perhaps not as big as the event from PoN/RtD, but still. However, at the end, all was basicly as it was when the book began. Tuvok is still moping around, feeling unsure. Non of the characters are really in a new place in there lives. Sure, the ultimate pay-off regarding the seven Andorians is a big thing, but they don't know about it, do they? And really, instead of it having the big impact it was supposed to have, it really left a bad taste in my mouth, as if it was all part of some bad comicbook story-line.

As for Martin's writing style, he seems to be all over the place. The first three quarters of the book are long chapters, to long really, which seem to drag on. Then all of a sudden, short paced, action packed paragraphs designed to give you the idea that things are hectic. Instead, it just leaves you confused as to what the hell is going on.

To me, this book has proven beyond a doubt that Martin shouldn't be writing Trek anymore. He has no good grasp of characters, and his plots want to be grandious and life changing, but ultimatly everything is back to the status-quo. Well almost, since he likes to drop a bomb for no real reason other then to drop a bomb. The final chapter was, like I said, really unnecessary. Hell, the entire Andorion plotline was unnecessary. Such a shame really.
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