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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Oh, Tarzan definitely qualifies as fantasy/SF -- at least the original books do, with apes having their own languages, all sorts of lost civilizations and tribes of man-apes, etc. The movies have fewer of those elements, but their treatment of a feral human raised by apes is no doubt pretty fanciful -- and the supposed "jungles of Africa" that he operates in don't really correspond to anything in reality. (There's a relatively small amount of tropical rainforest in west/central Africa, but what Burroughs described was more like the South American rainforest, IIRC.)

A while back there was a TV show called Tarzan: The Epic Adventures that was filmed in South Africa, and there was a pretty blatant mismatch between the fake jungle set on the soundstage and the real African savannah of the location shooting, supposedly within walking distance of each other in story terms.
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