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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

Never mind that they were responding to Cardassian attacks, right Timo?
That's really mature... "He started it! I have the right! I have the right!"

Your fascism is showing again, Timo.[..]Or they would be hailed as great national heroes if they succeeded, and become known by names like the Founding Fathers.
Yes, yes. Sieg Heil and all that - Iron Crosses to everybody! Killing is brave and bold and walking away is non-Aryan! And we hav teh Rigth!

Pack up your stuff...I have just decreed YOU don't need to have and live wherever it is you do. See how YOU like having your property and life stolen from you.
What property? You told me to pack "my stuff" - ergo, I still have it. And I definitely am walking away with my life.

So I happen to change address. Big deal. You expect me to come and rape your wife and eat your children for that? Fat chance, pervert!

Timo Saloniemi
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