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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Rarewolf wrote: View Post
Actually they've answered - the online allocation of his photoshoot HAS sold out, with less then half remaining on the other two days.

As such keeping the thread open serves a purpose to them.

Do feel sorry for the guy though - you have to buy a ticket to see what extras have sold out? And if the website said sold out instead of removed completely it would avoid confusion.
I think this constitutes unpleasant bait and switch tactics, not that I'd expect anything else from this company. Looks like one for Trading Standards.

Seems a bit odd that Patrick photoshoots have suddenly sold out with 2 1/2 months to go when we were never even told they were limited. Obviously the line has to be drawn somewhere regarding numbers, but to not be told how many were for sale, plus the general manner Shamasters are handling this is, as usual, pretty damn disreputable.

The whole ticket buying system was deliberately set up so that you have to pay for an entry ticket before you can even see if tickets for the advertised events are even available. Has nothing to do with making sure people can add tickets to their original order without paying more booking fees. Those of us with eagle eyes will have noticed that during one of his meltdowns, Joiner said tickets for the 5 captains talk would go on sale "in a few days". Well, that was well over a week ago, and it still doesn't appear to have happened, not that any of us would know if the tickets were available or not unless we'd already stumped up for an entry ticket!

Scum company.

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