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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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But would you want to give up your home, I mean some of us might be willing to even if begrudgingly, but some who have spent years building a life on those colonies would be far less likely to want to up sticks and move (and going back to my analogy they had every reason to, the Cardassians are hardly Canadian or Mexican!)
I do love my home, but if I was presented with a good enough reason for moving, I'd take it. I certainly wouldn't become a terrorist against the government. In the end, a home is four walls and a ceiling surrounding all your stuff. Certainly not worth armed rebellion.
I wasnt advocating terrorism, only that people wouldnt be happy and may choose to say...not every colonist which decided to upsticks behind will have become a member of the Maquis. Some of them may have even gotten on fairly well with their new Cardassain overlords, at least until the Dominion War broke out.
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