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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The argument about creativity baffles me. If you use somebody else's idea, it's less creative than using your own idea. That's pretty straightforward.

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looking forward to any space opera or space-set tv series (preferably without ships blowing up).
Same here. If I never see another space battle again, I won't miss it.

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I don't really see the distinction, unless it's that they used to have to please the tastes of King Ethelrod, whereas today Walt Disney's offspring aren't as worried about their own tastes than the tastes of the general paying public. So for all of us who aren't kings or corporate behemoths, the situation has improved.
Not really. As you yourself have said, when they think about the tastes of the general paying public, they think about the lowest common denominator.

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Don't go dissin' comic books!
As a huge comics fan over over 45 years, I'd say they currently deserve it.
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