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Ian Keldon
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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

Timo wrote: View Post
You are happy where you are.
And that's what you go to a war over, and get thousands killed? Shame on you!

The proper response is to write a scathing letter in the local newspaper, or go to the pub, get drunk and complain to your pint until it appears to start listening. Not to start shooting at people.

I mean last I hear on the subject they weren't federation citizens any more.
That never happened. In "Journey's End", a bunch of colonists who definitely weren't Maquis abandoned their UFP citizenship and were never heard of again. In the remaining episodes describing the colonists at the Cardassian border, a bunch of colonists started shooting at stuff but never had the guts to stop being UFP citizens and reaping the benefits; when this murderous scum was finally wiped out in "Blaze of Glory", Eddington expressed anguish that they had been on the verge of declaring independence from the UFP, but never got around to it.

Timo Saloniemi
Never mind that they were responding to Cardassian attacks, right Timo? They should have just let themselves be murdered in their beds by Cardassian terrorists in the name of "peace".

Even Nechayev didn't buy that.

“Believe me Captain, if I lived that close to the Cardassians, I'd sleep with a phaser under my pillow too."

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Mage wrote: View Post
The Maquis were right in there cause. The Federation had no right to just give away those colonies without atleast asking what the people who life there think about it.
Actually, the Federation had every right.

And if you recall from the TNG episode which established the Maquis as a concept, the colonists WERE asked about it - and it was their bloody idea to stay in the DMZ in the first place! They knew full well that they would be living under Cardassian rule. They insisted on it!
No, they were summarily TOLD what was going to happen, despite their protests. The Federation never took their rights or desires into consideration when crafting the treaty.

It's like if the US suddenly ceeded Texas back to Mexico to settle some dispute and simply ordered the Texans to move out.

Do you think they would take that laying down?

No. Nor should they.

Timo wrote: View Post
The colonists are quite free to feel "angry" or "not happy" or whatever about the situation. If they decide to start an armed rebellion over it, their homes deserve to burn brightly.
Your fascism is showing again, Timo. The first duty of ANY government is to protect the lives, rights and property of it's citizens against foreign aggression.

What happened to sense of proportion? In the Trek universe, these people belong to a mental hospital. In our universe, they would be jailed for years, and even if their territories were later reacquired by their native country, the lunatics who had served their sentences would hopefully be prevented from trying to benefit from their crimes by banning them from ever getting that land back.
Or they would be hailed as great national heroes if they succeeded, and become known by names like the Founding Fathers.

Timo wrote: View Post
people deserve to die and be brutalized because they stand up for themselves
That's just one step removed from people murdering their own female relatives because a "principle" must be upheld.

Standing up for themselves, indeed - a more selfish act could not be imagined. The reasons for staying are ridiculous, the obstacles to leaving nonexistent, and what is gained by resistance? Far less than nothing, as the stupidity dictates the loss of everything that could be saved by walking away. These testosterone-drunk men yearning for a fight are raping their own wives there, strangling their own daughters, mutilating their own goldfish and mashing up their precious butterfly collections, in addition to burning their own crops.

The Maquis really fought for the goals of the Central Command, so that makes them doubly the traitors to their homes and ideals. Was there something in the groundwater that gave them fractional IQs? Perhaps Cardassia had started the poisoning campaign earlier than we thought?

Timo Saloniemi
Ok, now I know either you are trolling or have one sick mind (or both).

Pack up your stuff...I have just decreed YOU don't need to have and live wherever it is you do. See how YOU like having your property and life stolen from you.
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