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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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the Federation.

Peace trumps some random pieces of land.
Sooo if the Government came in and said your home was to be purchased by them and demolished due to "Imminent Domain," that would be OK, right? the 24th century, where your "home" is just doesn't really matter. The UFP is a utopia where all your basic needs are provided for and you can work as whatever you want.
Those planets were their homes. It obviously DID matter. And no, the Federation isn't a utopia. There are pockets of corruption within both the Fed and Starfleet, and it's been demonstrated time and again. This situation isn't too different - Fed makes a deal with a KNOWN oppressive and hostile force, and basically turns a blind eye to any Federation citizens who's homes happen to fall on the Cardi side of the new boarders. So it's a "utopia" as long as you do what the nanny state tells you to do, otherwise you're bent over by Cardassians when your home happens to end up in their territory when boarder lines are redrawn.

Where's the morality in that?

It's not like now where relocation might mean having to find a new job, a new house, etc.

The Maquis "cause" was just silly.
It IS the same due to principal, but that's not even the point. The Fed basically told those people "hey, all of you over there! You're gonna either have to move or fall under Cardassian rule." What the Fed actually was saying was "Hey all of you over there! We f***ed you over, and if you stay where you live, your new group of governors will f*** you over and over and over. Too bad - we need to maintain our (pretend) utopia at the cost of YOUR asses."

Again the morality of those actions are where, exactly? How is it right and fair?

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