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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

One major problem that I had with the ending, that I'm surprised wasn't brought up in this thread, is why Bruce Wayne faked his own death? No one, except his closest companions, knew that he was Batman. I understand faking Batman's death, but why fake Bruce's death? There's no reason for it.

Also, even if it was necessary for him to fake his own death, how does Bruce Wayne just disappear? He's a world famous billionaire in charge of Wayne Enterprises. That's like Bill Gates faking his own death and moving to Europe. Someone is going to recognize him.

And how long did Bruce and Selina wait at that cafe for Alfred to show up? Yes, they knew that Alfred goes there once a year, but they had no idea which day it would be. Did they simply sit at that table for 16 hours a day for months waiting for Alfred to take his vacation?
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