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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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Eddington? Pfft. He was an egotistical jackass, nothing more. He was in it for his own ego. He wasn't anywhere near as principled as, for example, Chakotay.

And the only reason the Federation 'interfered' was because the actions of the Maquis were risking war with Cardassia.
If Chakotay had principles he hid them well, with his one line an episode.

Really Sisko and Eddington are two sides of the same coin. Both of them do have huge egos. Eddington wants to go play romantic hero, Sisko takes Eddington's betrayal personally and wants revenge. The grudge match between the two is pretty much a personal vendetta more than Federation vs Maquis.

Eddington raises the stakes by using biogenic weapons against the Cardassian planets in the DMZ, Sisko responds in turn against the Maquis colonies(which is really a WTF moment when Worf, the most trigger happy guy in Trek, questions an order to fire). Eddington definitely was a war criminal by using said biogenic weapons, but Sisko was just as guilty. Sisko using that trilithium resin is the equivilent of a US sub captain firing a tactical nuke at an Arabian village he suspects of holding an Al Qaida cell without bothering to check with his chain of command.

Eddington was dead on about "And you're betraying [your uniform]! The said part is you don't even realize it!" They really should have been sharing a cell.
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