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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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You know, I never quite got the Maquis. They were pissed off (with justification) about the Federation/Cardassian treaty that forcibly relocated them from their colonies in the DMZ but it was never quite clear what their endgame was or how they hoped to achieve it. It seemed like they were very "romantic" about their cause like Eddington but after all being said and done, what did they ultimately hope to achieve through their tactics? I've always kind of wondered too what happened to the surviving Maquis after Cardassia allied with the Dominion and wiped most of them out? Whatever "goals" they had hoped to achieve clearly went up in smoke at that point. And can any of them honestly say it was worth it?
Well we see Maquis ships joining the Federation in several battles with the Dominion, I would assume that the Maquis were all but forgiven at that point and the Federation couldn't really be choosy about the help they received.
When was this? I do have to admit that I saw almost no episodes between the "Occupation Arc" in S6 and "Final Chapter in S7, so it's entirely possible I missed this but I didn't know this before.
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