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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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I need some good advice on some cheap ways to park my rental car and get to Fenway and Citizens Bank Park. Never been to Boston or Philly so I'm a total n00b.
There's no real great place if you're going to Citizen's Bank Park (that area of South Philly is essentially a sport's complex and I'm sure any neighbors are not fans of people parking near them). However, if it's a day game, you can always take the subway (Broad Street line). I'm not sure where to park, though.

Sadly, as someone from the suburbs who never went to every game, I usually just parked in the stadium parking, which will be overpriced and miserable when you want to leave.

ETA: This is helpful

It says that FDR Park on Pattison is cheap (formerly free) and all day. If that exists (and isn't sold out, go early), it isn't far from the stadium.
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