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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Oh. Actually, I think it played better the way it aired. You're left wondering exactly what Walter did to her, whether she wanted to have sex or not.

I had to post links to these two blogs I came across. They're both very recent postings as of July this year. The first centers on the character of Walter; the second is about Jesse. The first blog, IMO, has some startlingly spot on observations about how Walter manipulates Jesse, and the second is a quite interesting take on Jesse's despair and "feminine" traits in a hyper masculine environment.

Walter White-abuser

Jesse Pinkman-male self hatred

Walter does isolate Jesse. He's like a possession to him. He damn well doesn't want Jesse to have any loyalties to anyone other than himself. One wonders if that's what's really motivating Walter's latest tirade and threatening thoughts about Mike, who seems to have Walter's number and, even worse, Jesse's attention.

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