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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Not really, just what Hickman has stated about it briefly already. I would imagine that he will treat it the same way as he did "FF" after "Fantastic Four".
Hickman has actually said differently... How are you approaching the structure of the series? Itís shipping twice a month and will be interconnecting with New AVENGERS as well. Will it have its own discrete arcs and stories or will the books interact on an issue by issue basis like FANTASTIC FOUR and FF?

Jonathan Hickman: Itís not like FANTASTIC FOUR and FF. Itís not like that in that part one of a two-part story could go across both books. That wonít happen until way, way down the line. Not until the story demands it. But if you know whatís going on in one book it makes the other book way more interesting. More like referential things. Iron Man does one thing in one book and we reference it in the other book. Itís not critical to the story that you know what the other thing was, but if you know what the other thing was itís kind of an ďAha!Ē moment where youíre like ďOh, I see.Ē This is a whole world kind of feel.
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