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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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All the main characters ought to have good, personal reasons for being where they are in the universe.
Which should be explored over time. With many of the characters in the many series we gained no idea of why they joined Starfleet in the first place. Spock joined to leave home, a few joined because of family tradition. It would say a lot about the character as to why they joined up.

Please don't have it be the same reason for all ... boring.

police/detective/law procedurals are the rage these days, so why not take after them a bit?
A Star Trek: Law and Order might not be a good idea, but do some thinking as to why "police procedurals" are so popular in the first place, and put those elements into a future non-police Star Trek.

Many police procedurals are in actuality mysteries, people like those. A well run mystery will give the audience enough clues to figure things out along with the cops.

Police procedurals are the good guy verse the bad guys. While the criminals of today are often complex in their make-up, they are still the opponents of civilization, the audience can feel good at the end of the episode when they (usually) get their come-upance'.

Police procedurals only occasionally depict the top brass, and usually concentrate on the low and middle level people who actually get the work done. Cops on the beat, and detectives. Team leader Gibbs doesn't run NCIS, Night-shift Grissom on CSI didn't run the Las Vegas Police Department , they aren't the "people upstairs.

Most of the audience also are not the people upstairs.

More moral and ethical ambiguity.
I love these, but don't think they can be a every week thing, I think the audience would "burn out" if that all they were getting from the show.

Keep time travel to an absolute minimum
How much would it hurt, if we discontinued time travel all together?

The ship would be an old-as-hell rustbucket that's fallen behind the times.
Maybe a ship like the Enterprise in TOS, unlike any of the other series main ships she wasn't brand new, and had a feel of history about her. But at the same time she was by any means a "rustbucket." She was a older workhorse, out in the trenches, and not a flagship.

Green Lantern wrote: View Post
Yeah, I think we need more aliens too, but ones which look cool, not crappy ones.
I'd like to see an end to the overdone facial prosthesis. At most what was done with the Bajorians and the Vulcans. Have the actors and actresses act alien, be written alien. And not have them walking around with this big sign on their faces that says "hey look, I'm an alien."

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