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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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And wasn't the relationship between the Andorians and the rest of The Federation, already pretty strained by the time of the DS9 relaunch. I think I remember there being references to things not being that great between at that point, which would be 6 or 7 years before the TP stories. I didn't any problem with the Andorians behavior in PoD, it seemed perfectly in line with the overall portrayal of Andorians in the other books.
It's worth noting that the only reference in TNG to current-day Andorian affairs is Picard mentioning "renegade Andorians" who had armed ships. That suggests the existence of a fairly significant and threatening opposition movement, though the extent of the support is obviously unclear.

Thrawn wrote: View Post
I actually didn't mind the developments earlier on. Humanity has been full of incidences where good people have done horrible things for what seemed like good reasons at the time. I completely accept the idea that, after living under pressure from this population decline problem for centuries, the Andorians would react irrationally to the apparent reality that the Federation had kept information from them that would help. You seem to think that's "pathetic", but it makes sense to me. Humans act irrationally when they're vulnerable; I don't see why it's a stretch for Andorians to do the same, especially when they've often been portrayed as a rather emotional species.
Agreed. On top of the devastation caused by the Borg, I can imagine a decided anti-Federation shift. The referendum has been described as having been won by a majority that was "decisive, but not unanimous", implying to me a very strong shift indeed.

Having that be due to mind control just kills all sense of subtlety and humanity; it's the comic book way out. Which is kind of the problem with this whole book, actually. I just hope that whoever gives the next chapter in the wider-galaxy narrative doesn't run with it.
I didn't read that at all. I saw it as being of a piece with Zhrar's interest in cultivating Pava as an Andorian intelligence asset via mind control.

(Also, what other "gratuitous treasons" are you referring to? The saboteur in Raise The Dawn? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember no evidence that he was connected to mainstream Andorian thought at all. And if you're using one fringe individual or organization as an example, does Section 31 constitute the Federation being similarly "pathetic"? I viewed that storyline as a meditation on racism becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, which was a much more interesting moral point to make.)
Makes sense to me, but if there is official Andorian collaboration with the Typhon Pact, then on top of this unauthorized bombing--Sela's support for the Cardassian and Andorian radicals, partly in pursuit of her desire for slipstream, was not authorized by Kamemor--things start to look dicey.
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