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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Edit_XYZ, that's a really good point, actually, about Trek being a fictional universe and the examples we're given being the only ones. But I guess I was thinking in terms of how the next author would take the storyline. I see no reason why the next author would be constrained by events so far to write a plotline about Tholians mind-controlling helpless Andorians into seceding, being terrorists, and being idiots, in the three books under discussion respectively. Numerically, even including this novel, we've seen very small samples and obviously crazy people.

What I'm saying is, I sincerely hope that the subplots introduced in Fallen Gods get branded as the work of extremists and dealt with very quickly, and moving forward we have the tone of Raise The Dawn. I felt that tone was "this is a tragedy, and the consequences of this will include some irrational Andorians taking this way too far, but the majority of Andorians are staying in Starfleet even given these extreme circumstances, and peace will continue even if Andor doesn't rejoin." Nothing in RTD indicated that Starfleet was suspicious of Andorians as a whole, or that they had any reason to be. And actually I don't think anything in this book did either, despite Starfleet in this book thinking there was reason to be suspicious (another giant stupid plot hole here, imho).
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