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Re: "The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1" hardcover book (oct.2012)

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This one is perhaps more like IDW's "Bloom County: The Complete Library" collections, although I'm sure that Berke Breathed's contracts stipulate very clearly how profits are to be shared.
Oh yeah, I have all 6 of those (The Outland collection just came out in June) so I understand the format pretty well, although it looks like the Star Trek volume will be formatted differently -- judging by the shape of the released cover art, it will be more "portrait" than the "landscape" orientation of the Bloom County books. But maybe the art released so far isn't the format the finished book will take. We'll know in a couple months.

I was trying to make a little joke about my perception of the "success" of IDW's other reprint efforts. Extremely little, apparently.

Incidentally, Breathed owns his strips, so he gets all the money. He negotiated ownership of all rights to Bloom County during a contract renegotiation when the strip was at the height of its popularity. Most strips (at lease back then) were owned by the syndicator, despite being the creation of the artist. Not unlike comic books.

So, again, it all depends on how the work is contracted.

If the Trek volume is the same format as the Bloom County books, then someone (CBS?) must be taking an extra chunk of royalty, because it's $10 more than the Bloom County series. Or maybe the higher price point is to defer additional costs associated with cleaning up the artwork (reprinting based on old strips clipped from yellowing newspapers, rather than from the pristine original boards, as in the case of Bloom County). Publishing is still precarious enough that I don't think it's just the usual annual publishing price hikes we grew used to back in the '70's - 90's.

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