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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Right, Edit_XYZ, so this book and the DS9 terrorism incident are all we have to go on after Paths, and you say their behavior in Paths is "credible if not at all complimentary", which is pretty much where I am too. And I agree with you about this book as well; that crap was awful.

So it seems like where we disagree is on the DS9 terrorism incident, so let me make a couple notes on that:

First, I'm not saying that the racism conclusion that the Andorian reached was "valid"; I believe there are no valid reasons for him doing what he did at all. Instead, that it was understandable as a motivation for a villain, similarly to how I understood the motivation of the ruling Andorians in Paths. You seem to disagree, but I wanted to clarify. It certainly makes more sense to me than the moustache-twirling in this novel.

Second, his exact words were "when a friend on Andor contacted me about the Typhon Pact needing help to restore the balance of power with the Federation", which I again feel does not in any way implicate the ruling body as a whole. At most, a member of the ruling body is a radical, which has been shown to occur in the Federation a few times as well.

Basically, if we're not going to judge the Cardassians as a race because of Dukat, or the Klingons because of Duras, or the Federation because of Min Zife, or the Romulans because of Sela, I don't think we can judge the Andorians by one vaguely-described possibly-powerful person on the homeworld and his single overly sensitive accomplice either.
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