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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Don't get me wrong, it's certainly striking and unforgettable in its own way, and it's become a cultural icon. It's just that once I read the books, I realized that -- like most of the content of the Tarzan movies -- it was really its own separate entity that had little to do with what Burroughs described.

Heck, even the '70s Filmation animated Tarzan series, which was one of the most faithful screen adaptations of the books ever made (aside from toning down the violence and maybe -- I forget -- being set in a more recent era), used the Weismuller-style yodel-yell -- though Bob Ridgely didn't do it nearly as well as Weismuller did.

And while Weismuller's yell isn't the terrifying roar Burroughs described, it does have a "jungle animal" sound to it in a different way, now that I think about it -- maybe something more like certain species of monkey or tropical bird.
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