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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

One month after Andor's secession, tholians - these one-month old allies - were allowed on an andorian ship, playing football with the minds of andorians. Does this strike you as a sane choice on the part of the andorians/their ruling council?
Even Akaar/starfleet knew about tholians mind-controlling andorians. And the andorian ruling council didn't know? Or knew and did nothing. Does this strike you as a sane choice?

Then there are all the andorian decisions:
The federation's president incredulity at the secession - I doubt it was planned for this, but fits quite well.
The starfleet andorians' incredulity - this was most likely planned.

And all the gratuitous treasons of their own supposed values (federation values the andorians had for centuries) the andorians indulged in in the last 3 typhon pact books. These are pretty easy to write, when you have an easy mind-control explanation/redemption.

The andorian council not being - initially (a month after secession) - as compliant as the tholians wished?
The andorian showing is already pathetic.
In this way, at least the tholians had to put some effort in order to transform the best of the andorians - their democratically elected leaders, protected by the best the andorians have against mind-control, among other things - into Igor. It saves remnants of andorian pride, of their value/credibility as allies - or enemies.
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