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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

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-I gotta say, I'm impressed with Bryan Cranston's versatility.
Oh, yeah. If you watch Breaking Bad, you wouldn't be too surprised. But he was great in this film.
I've seen a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, I just haven't watched it regularly, but I included what I have seen in my assessment of Cranston. So I'm not really surprised. I just wanted to say I'm impressed. I think he's a very good actor, and he is good here, even with how little we see him.

I wish they had gone into more detail about what his version of the bad guy had that allowed him to enslave the planet. Ronny Cox had control of the air. This guy... I don't know.
He's obviously meant to be a dictator, essentially micromanaging this post-apocalyptic Earth. The position must be a holdover from when drastic measures were needed to get the survivors through hard times, and no Chancellor ever relinquished power. That's my guess. But you're right...the creators never actually tell us.

-I'm calling bullshit on "The Fall." (Ooh, ahh, "The Fall enslaves us!" )
I agree. That was one of the only major plot holes that I could find. The heat and pressure would be far too immense to go through the center of the Earth, but gravity wouldn't immediately switch orientations like in the movie. It would gradually cancel out and then increase in the opposite direction as you near the other surface.

Another issue with The Fall is it's destruction freeing the humans in Australia from enslavement. Why didn't the resistance simply blow the thing up years ago? It seemed fairly easy for Quaid to set up a few bombs on the thing and down she goes!
Well, if you're gonna apply logic and junk...

But okay, let's say it's actually possible to build the thing and you build it. Someone wanting to destroy it wouldn't need to plant explosives on the car itself. Just schedule your attack for when it's boarding and blow up the clamps holding it in place. Uncontrolled fall into the tunnel, it derails and explodes in the core, hilarity ensues. The problem is the guys who built it likely know this kind of attack will work and increase security at departure and arrival times, which means you'd have to be Quaid - someone with enough innate knowledge of the enemy to defeat 20 guards and 10 robots at a time by himself - to pull it off, and a resistance led by a reclusive philosopher and made up of disgruntled factory workers simply wouldn't have someone like that in their ranks initially.

So I'm thinking they did try and failed a bunch of times.

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But, a tunnel through the center of the Earth? From what's written here I gather it's not supposed to be a device to tap energy from the Earth's core, with transportation a secondary function. Even though there's supposed to be a ravaged planet and human civilization which might need a nonfuel energy source to survive?
Nope, just a big ol' subway.

Cranston, Farrell and Nighy notwithstanding, this sounds to stupid to pay movie price for. Waiting for the DVD.
Go with your gut. I only gave it a B for Kate and the robots.
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