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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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[...]Either way, back to the Andorians, given that this novel takes place a year before Raise The Dawn, I'm sort of hoping that Raise The Dawn is more the direction that story is ultimately going, and not this. Everything about the Andorians in this book was completely stupid.
Finally, something on subject!

M Martin - the author - was pretty explicit (as in directly/unequivocally stating it) in a previous interview that the plan for the andorians was to join the typhon pact in this book.
The fact that this did not come to pass indicates either that the author did not know what he was talking about (unlikely) or that he was 'talked' out of it.

The - editorial? - choice for the andorian plot seems to require them not to fall beyond the redemption event horizon.
The setting up scenes for the mind-control explanation to the andorian aggressivity are obvious in this book.

Meaning - the future of this plot line is rather obvious. The federates (future DS9 relaunch cast, probably) with help from a token andorian save the andorian people from The Mule-style mind control, all ending with a happy rejoining of the federation family.
Sort of like bajor and the bajoran parasites, only with different names - well, some different names.
That's what you get when you use already overused tropes.
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