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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Regarding grammar and orthography - speaking as a linguist, I can tell you that proper spelling and grammar is a powerful signaling tool for other people about how seriously you take them and yourself on a messageboard such as this. You tend to get a pretty hostile reception to your posting, which I'm sure you've noticed. I'm assuming that you don't enjoy that, so I suspect that if you made a greater effort to be exact in these areas, people would likely take you more seriously when you claimed that your arguments were made with similar care.

I'm not intending to criticize; it's just sometimes difficult for people to realize how they appear to others (myself included). By virtue of your incorrect use of language, your posts often seem amateur-ish, which probably leads people to take them less seriously. I'm sure you're an intelligent and capable person, but it doesn't LOOK that way at first glance, if that makes any sense. As you can probably tell by looking around, the social norm on this board is to pay close attention to these things. When you don't, it comes across as disrespectful, which I'm sure isn't what you intend.

Either way, back to the Andorians, given that this novel takes place a year before Raise The Dawn, I'm sort of hoping that Raise The Dawn is more the direction that story is ultimately going, and not this. Everything about the Andorians in this book was completely stupid.
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