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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Maybe it's all set up for later books but is seems kid of sloppy to me
It's very obviously setup for later books.

Meanwhile, even though I don't think Martin is very good at characterization, I'm glad he had the decency not to have Andor join the Typhon Pact.
So - it seems the current andorian development will be excused by them being under heavy tholian mind-control.

Better than what was painted so far in the books - which was the andorians having a moral inversion 'just because'. Unfortunately, this 'better' is not saying much:

I liked the andorian development in star trek: Enterprise.
But their showing in the 'typhon pact' line is them being either moustache-twisting villains or people with such a coherence/logic in thought that they developing interstellar travel makes the pakled similar achievement credible - and now, them being mere puppets, controlled by their betters.

And there's also the fact that mind control for shock value - and for eventual redemption/reset - is heavily used as a troupe in SF - and, as such, not engrossing.
The DS9 relaunch itself used the exact same troupe (with the "difference" of having the applied phlebotinum be parasites as opposed to tholian technology).
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