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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in this movie. I saw it last night and rather enjoyed it. I'd give it a B. It was a solid action film with some nice twists and good action. There were some minor plot holes, and at times I felt like a scene or two was cut, but overall I can't complain.

The effects in the film were incredibly solid, IMO, because it felt like they didn't make anything CGI that didn't have to be. For example, the android soldiers Quaid fights could have been made CGI, and probably would have been in any other film. However, other than scenes showing an army of them in formation I believe they were all actually there. As were most of the sets.

I also liked the art direction, which combined influences from several cultures seamlessly. The Rekall facility, for example, had a very Asian feel to it, along with a giant Buddha statue.

I caught a few homages to the original. Of course, the three breasted lady in the trailer (though they never bother to explain why she has an extra one), and in the airport. If you watch carefully, you will see someone suspiciously similar to the lady Arnold was disguised as in the original film.

I found the clip in it's entirety here. Pretty cool!

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-I gotta say, I'm impressed with Bryan Cranston's versatility.
Oh, yeah. If you watch Breaking Bad, you wouldn't be too surprised. But he was great in this film. I wish they had gone into more detail about what his version of the bad guy had that allowed him to enslave the planet. Ronny Cox had control of the air. This guy... I don't know.
-I'm calling bullshit on "The Fall." (Ooh, ahh, "The Fall enslaves us!" )
I agree. That was one of the only major plot holes that I could find. The heat and pressure would be far too immense to go through the center of the Earth, but gravity wouldn't immediately switch orientations like in the movie. It would gradually cancel out and then increase in the opposite direction as you near the other surface.

Another issue with The Fall is it's destruction freeing the humans in Australia from enslavement. Why didn't the resistance simply blow the thing up years ago? It seemed fairly easy for Quaid to set up a few bombs on the thing and down she goes!
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